CERENA was present at the European Researcher's Night (NEI) 2019, which took place place last Friday, 27th September from 18h to 24h.

For the third year in a row, Técnico SEG Student Chapter was distinguished with the

For the second consecutive year, Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) was selected to participate in the 2019

CERENA will take part in the European Researcher's Night (NEI) 2019, which will take place next

We are pleased to inform that our PhD student Paula Albuquerque, successfully discussed her thesis on September the 18th at Escol

One of José Manuel Marques' photos won a prize in the 2019 Geothermal Resource Council -GRC Photo Contest.

CERENA was present at Ciência 2019 (8-10 July) with

Maria de Lurdes Dinis achieved the rating of a "Superior" paper at the WMS2019 Conference.

Rui Galhano Lopes from CERENA was present at the TECH@PORTUGAL even

Within the scope of the national program “Cientificamente Provável” of the School Libraries Network, CERENA, represented by 

Within the scope of the national program “Cientificamente Provável” of the School Libraries Network, CERENA, represented by Amélia Dionísio and

CERENA participated, on June 13th, on STONE 2019 at Exposalão Batalha, Portugal

On June 12th Técnico received the Session of Presentation and Discussion of the National Advanced Computing Strategy and its articulation in the European context.

Excellent Professors 2017/2018

Open call for the international selection of one doctorate position for the exercise of activities in the scientific area(s) of chemistry, chemical engineering, biomaterials, biochemistry and biome

On May 23rd CERENA was visited by Professor Paulo Almeida from Universidade Federal da Bahi

Maria de Ludes Dinis attended the IAEA

From the 21st to the 29th of January Maria de Lurdes Dinis attended the

Leonardo Azevedo is at UT Austin attending the Advanced Computing Training Program.

Professor João Gomes was awarded the professional degree of “Conselheiro”, the highest qualification of the Portuguese Association of Engineers, one of the few members on the College of Chemical an

Professor António Fiúza was proclaimed Professor Emeritus of the University of Porto during the Solemn Session of the University Day 2019, held on March 22.

Amélia Dionísio is one of the faces of the new book

The paper Assessment of Chaves Low-Temperature CO2-Rich Geothermal System (N-Portugal) Using an Interdisciplinary Geosc

The paper Assessment of urban groundwater: towards integrated hydrogeological and effects-based monitoring by Guimarães L., Guilhermino L., Afonso

The paper Effects of UV-organic interaction and Martian conditions on the survivability of organics by B. Laurent, C.R.

CERENA was present at the Science Week of Escola Secundária du Bocage.

CERENA researchers Pedro Pina and Vasco Miranda are developing a field campaign in Antarctica between middle Febru

On February 22nd, a delegation from Khalifa University,

Maria de Lurdes Dinis defended her habilitation in Mining Engineering and Georesources with the lesson "Principais Impactes Ambientais de uma Explor

The paper "Lithium in Public Drinking Water and Suicide Mortality in Portugal: Initial Approach", by

On January the 25th  CERENA received Dr.

The request for Internationalization of the Patent "Process of valorization of tomato pomace", by Jorge Manuel Rodrigues de Carvalho,

On January the 8thMaria João Pereira presented a talk entitled “Desertification” at Escola Secundária du Bocage (ESB; H

Ana C. Marques was nominated Management Committee Member of the COST Action CA18

Open call for a research grant (w/Master Degree) in the framework of the Inpactus- Black Liquor Project.

Open call for the international selection of one doctorate position for the exercise of activities in the scientific area(s) of chemical engineering, sub areas of reaction engineering, catalysis an

Técnico and CUMTB has just signed a double degree agreement for an International Master on Mining Engineering.

Within the scope of the national program “Cientificamente Provável” of the School Libraries Network, CERENA, represented by Helga Jordão Ferreira and

Have a glance at CERENA highlights: Geostatistical modelling Mars analogues

During the 1st Conference of the Arabian Journal of Geosciences (AJG), held in Tunisia, Hammamet, from 11 to 15 November 2018, the paper "Geochemical and isotopic

CERENA participated in the European Researchers' Night, on 28 September at Jardim Príncipe Real, from 6 pm to midnight.

Maria de Lurdes Dinis participated in the 2018 Long-Term Stewardsh

Beicip-Franlab announced the release of InterWell 2018.

Maria de Lurdes Dinis participated in the conference RAD 2018: The Sixth International Conference on Radiation and Application in Various Fied

Maria de Lurdes Dinis participated in the AEA Regional Workshop on database and statistical analyses, harmonisation of protocols and procedure

“Machine learning and artificial intelligence for risk assessment in early exploration stages” was distinguished, from more than 350 proposals, with development funding at RDPETRO awards ceremony h

The FAME consortium participated by CERENA (FEUP) won a IOM3 (The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, UK)

During about 3 weeks, Pedro Pina is participating in a field campaign in the Yukon and North Western Territories in Canada with

In the past 4th of July, CERENA received an official visit from ANPM, the Autoridade Nacional do Petróleo e Minerais from Timor-Leste.

CERENA participated at Ciência 2018 (2-4 July) with talks, demonstrations and posters by PhD students.

Amélia Dionísio was invited to present the talk "Stone in ancient buildings- Pathology and conservation" at the International Conference on Re

June 27, 2018 the Seminar Hydrocarbon exploitation in the Energy Tr

The work “An experimental approach for liquefaction of biomasses from poplar short rotation coppices” by Abel Rodrigues,  João C.

CERENA and Rock Fluid Dynamics (RFD) renewed their collaboration through a new Academic Agreement for the next year.