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CERENA Webinar April 13th at 12h


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On April 13th, the CERENA Webinar 'SDG 15: The role of environmental technologies in the sustainable management of forest’ will take place by videoconference (Zoom Colibri meeting). The Meeting ID is 808 202 105. Please join us at 11h50 by following this link. You MUST NOT login to the Colibri System. Login is only required by the Organiser. Each login consumes licenses that may be crucial for other purposes.*

The Seminar will be Chaired by Sandra Heleno and the program is:

Alzira Ramos, CERENA, ‘Monitoring open oak woodland with Sentinel 2’

Margarida Mateus, CERENA/SECIL, ‘Biorefinery a circular solution for forest, industry and CO2 ’

Gabriel Goyanes, CERENA, ‘Mapping forests with Unmanned Aerial Systems Photogrammetry’


CERENA Seminars 2019/2020 are intended to be a forum for discussion between researchers, students, industrial partners from diverse scientific areas based on a sustainable development goal in each session.

The Seminars are at 12-13h30.


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