Beicip-Franlab launches InterWell 2018, with CERENA´s methods

Beicip-Franlab announced the release of InterWell 2018. The new release of Flagship Beicip-Franlab's product InterWell, includes the most recent version of acoustic and elastic geostatistical inversion modules (Global Stochastic Inversion (GSI)) developed by CERENA.

"Complete solution for geostatistical inversion

Following the work initiated with InterWell 2017, the Global Stochastic Inversion (GSI) has also evolved and features several enhancements and new capabilities in a more user-friendly interface (also proposing restore functionality). The main evolution, alongside advanced parameterization (possible use of external distributions, management of deviated wells), is the new capability to run stochastic inversion with external constraint from a deterministic inversion. And finally, all the GSI functionalities are now available on Windows operating system!", in

The integration of these geostatistical inversion modules within InterWell represents a step forward in the services and software solutions provided by Beicip-Franlab allowing better and more reliable hydrocarbon reservoir characterization studies.

CERENA and the French company Beicip-Franlab have a contract for both the development and commercialization of CERENA’s algorithms for seismic reservoir characterization and for a partnership in R&D projects and services for the oil and gas international market.

InterWell 2018 Technical Specifications