Maria de Lurdes Dinis and António Fiúza recognized with a "Superior Paper" at the WM2020 Conference

Maria de Lurdes Dinis and Professor Hemeritus António Fiúza achieved the rating of a "Superior" paper at the WMS2020 Conference, Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

Paper #20079 “Overview of the Long-Term Stewardship of the Remediated Uranium Mining and Milling Sites in Europe” was presented in Session #072 ER Post Closure Challenges and Long-Term Stewardship/Legacy.

WMS established the “Superior Paper” recognition at WM2015 with the objective to recognize authors and co-authors for distinguished contributions to the advancement of radioactive waste and radioactive material management. Your paper achieved the superior level rating based on the paper review judging criteria. It demonstrated superb knowledge and understanding and lays the foundation for future waste management endeavors.