Thank you Professor António Costa Silva

António Costa e Silva, member of CERENA, and Técnico Professor got retired of his Faculty position. CERENA wants to pay tribute to António Costa e Silva for all his dedication through all these years.

António Costa e Silva has an exceptional CV either as a Professor/researcher as well as CEO and is a brilliant thinker. Recently, Professor António Costa Silva was called by the Portuguese government to design the Strategic Vison  for the Recovery and Resilience Plan a fundamental  part of the Portugal 2030 Strategy, framed within the European Union's Recovery and Resilience Mechanism to combat the covid 19 pandemic effects.

'A man with a lot of culture, a citizen of the world, with an enormous capacity to perceive the really important things, big or small, but really important.' Amílcar Soares

Professor António Costa Silva kept teaching while being the CEO of the oil company Partex. With a large part of his career linked to the energy sector, the man chosen by Prime Minister António Costa to design the economic recovery plan, is co-founder of the IST Petroleum Reservoir Modeling Center, now integrated in CERENA. He was one of the creators of the Master in Petroleum Engineering and the PhD in Petroleum Engineering at Técnico.

'At the same time that he belonged to the largest international think tanks in the area of energy and energy policy strategy, he devoted the same attention and the same affection to his students at Técnico.' Amílcar Soares

His civic interventions - opinion articles, public seminars, international conferences - in the field of energy, geopolitical energy transition and geostrategy show another dimension of the citizen, in addition to the manager and the teacher. He is part of important international geostrategic Think Tanks.

The cultural dimension of his life is equally rich. He published two fiction books: ‘Manuel Muhongo, ou a Queda do Pescador’ and ‘Desconseguiram Angola’ and three poetry books, co-authored with Nicolau Santos: ‘Jacarandá e Molemba’, ‘Aroma de Pitangas num País que não Existe’ and ‘Fotografias Lentas do Diabo na Cama’.

Amílcar Soares, his colleague and friend, made a video that summarizes António Costa e Silva journey and that reflects on behalf of all of us at CERENA, the admiration we have for him.

Thank you Professor António Costa Silva!

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