Excellent Professors 2017/2018

Excellent Professors 2017/2018

QUC sub-system (IST Course Unit Quality System) is nowadays a respected system in IST's academic community, not only by IST Students but also by teaching staff and non-teaching staff.

One of the results is the recognition from the Students and the School of the professors that positively influence the students and the School.

This recognition is granted directly by inquiries to the Students, made at the end of each semester, identifying the professors that excelled in pedagogical excellence and teaching commitment in Técnico Lisboa.

Twelve CERENA members were distinguished as Excellent Professors 2017/2018

Ana Clara Lopes Marques (MEM)     

António Maurício (LEGM)      

Carlos Alonso Guimarães (MECLEGMMEAmbi)   

Gustavo Paneiro (MEGMMEP)        

Henrique A. Matos (MEGI)   

José Manuel Marques (MEGMMEGELEGM)       

M. Amélia Lemos (MEBiolMEQ)      

Maria Cristina Fernandes (MEBiol)  

M. Fátima Coelho Rosa (MEBiol)       

M. Rosinda C. Ismael (MEQMEBiol)            

M. Teresa A. Reis (MEQMEGEMEBiol)     

Moisés Pinto (MEAmbi)         


Congratulations to all!