Técnico PhD Open Days 2022

The Técnico PhD Open days took place from 14th to 16th November. The Técnico PhD students had the opportunity to participate in pitch competitions, poster exhibitions and workshops.


And CERENA's PhD students did not missed the call! This year, eighteen PhD students developing their workplans at CERENA presented their work.

Students from Técnico Doctoral programs in Chemical Engineering, Materials Engineering, Earth Resources, Petroleum Engineering, Sustainable Energy Systems, and Rifining, Petrochemical and Chemical Engineering, were present.

Four Pitches by Mónica Loureiro, Sila Ozkan, David Duarte and Miguel Castro Oliveira;

Seven posters from Chemical Engineering by: Ana Amorim, Bruna Soares, Mário Vale, Marta Bordonhos, Shahmir Norsherwani, Sila Ozkan and Suzete Almeida;

One poster from Materials Engineering by Sofia Moreira Fernandes;

Five posters from Earth Resources by Filipa Duarte, Cláudia Escada, Helga Jordão, João Narciso, Roberta Lobarinhas e Vasco Miranda;

One poster from Petroleum Engineering by Clive Besua;

One poster from Sustainable Energy Systems by Miguel Castro Oliveira;

and one poster from Refining, Petrochemical and Chemical Engineering by Tiago Taborda .







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