Gabriel Alejandro Goyanes

Junior Researcher



Gabriel Goyanes graduated in Geological Sciences (2010) and has a PhD in the same area (2015) both from University of Buenos Aires in Argentina. Besides he is an Advanced UAV´s pilot approved by the “Agencia Estatal de Seguridad Aerea” from Spain. Presently he is a research fellow at the Centre for Natural Resources and the Environment (CERENA) at IST and is a Researcher Collaborator at CEG/IGOT-ULisboa.
His major interests of research are related to the Geocryology on the Antarctic Peninsula focused on the permafrost thermal regime and distribution, periglacial geomorphology analyses and geological risk associated to permafrost degradation. He also extends his studies to the Southern Andes in Argentina where he is analyzing hazardous processes associated with recent rapid glaciers retreat. He has participated in 7 scientific Antarctic campaigns.