Jorge Manuel Tavares Ribeiro

Assistant Professor



PhD on Engineering Sciences, 2000, IST; MSc on Mine Planning, 1994, IST; Mining Engineer, 1989, IST; Decisional Systems Engineer, 1988, ISIG; Professor at University of Lisbon (Faculty of Architecture), teaching Mathematics, Statistics, Geology, Geothecnics and Environment; Researcher and full member of Scientific Commission of CERENA – Center of Natural Resources and Environment of IST; His main field is Multivariate Data Analysis, Geostatistics, Environment, Natural Resources, and Planning and Optimization.He has published about 50 papers on national and international conferences and journals and 5 books. He was Vice-President of Head Council from FAULisboa. He was Researcher at CVRM – Center of Geo-Systems from IST. He was Vice-President of Pedagogic Council from FAULisboa. He was Coordinator of Training Office from FAULisboa. He was Invited Professor at University of Gran Canaria and Polytechnic University of Madrid. He was Research Fellow from JNICT. He was Project Engineer at Hidroprojecto.