António Fernandes

Junior Researcher



Antonio Carlos Pinheiro Fernandes completed his Master in Environmental Engineering in 2016 by Faculdade de Engenharia, Universidade do Porto (FEUP) and his PhD in Agricultural and Forestry Sciences in 2022 by Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro. He is a researcher and guest assistant professor at FEUP. He has published 11 articles in specialized journals. He participates and/or participated as a Research Fellow in 2 projects. In his professional activities, he interacted with 14 collaborators in co-authorship of scientific works.


Water | 2019

Lisa Martins

Alcides Pereira

Alcino Oliveira

Luís Fernandes

Fernando Pacheco

Science of the Total Environment | 2019

L.F. Sanches Fernandes

J.P. Moura

R.M.V. Cortes

F.A.L. Pacheco

WIT Transactions on Ecology and the Environment | 2019

A. Ferreira

L.S. Fernandes

R. Cortes

F. Pacheco

Science of the Total Environment | 2018

L.F. Sanches Fernandes

A.R.L. Ferreira

R.M.V. Cortes

F.A.L. Pacheco