Raisa Oliveira



Raisa Costa Paes Oliveira was born in Jacobina, Bahia, Brazil, in 1990. She graduated in 2013 in Chemical Engineering at IST-UL. In the same year, she worked as scientific research trainee in Instituto de Tecnologia Química e Biológica in Coordination and Supramolecular Chemistry’s group. In 2015, Raisa finished her MSc thesis in Chemical Engineering (CeFEMA & CERENA, IST-UL), reaching a final classification of 19 of 20 in her dissertation, whose theme was “Waste-to-energy: Valorisation of Eucalyptus Globulus black liquor from a Portuguese pulp mill by electrolysis”. This dissertation originated a project in collaboration with one of the most important pulp companies in the world, The Navigator Company. After her Master, Raisa worked in a company as engineer, projecting units to treat water for human/animal consumption and agriculture. In 2016, Raisa returned to CeFEMA as researcher, where she worked in the development of new electrocatalysts for fuel cells. Currently, Raisa is a PhD student (FCT grant), working on the development of an efficient black liquor electrolyser (a work related to the Inpactus project, a partnership between several universities, The Navigator Company and RAIZ). She has 4 scientific papers in high-impact international journals, 3 conference papers and 12 presentations in conferences. Raisa was also reviewer of international journals as International Journal of Hydrogen Energy and Chemical Engineering Journal.