In-house software

CERENA is also devoted to the development of in-house software for research and teaching purposes.

Global Stochastic Inversion

Global stochastic inversion is a suite of iterative geostatistical seismic inversion methodologies developed in CERENA. These methods include the inversion of seismic reflection data, both in pre- and post-stack domains, directly for acoustic, elastic and rock properties. Current inversion methods are available as tailor-made plugins for oil and gas companies and as a commercial plug-in as part of Interwell® (Beicip-Franlab). A small geostatistical acoustic inversion package is available for download here.


FI2EPI is a a heat management tool for process integration. 


In late 2013, the beta version of geoMS2 (the updated version of geoMS is released by CERENA). geoMS2 is a geostatistical and geosciences modeling software including variogram modelling, kriging and stochastic sequential simulation and a 3-D visualization engine. Avaliable tools include well-log data manipulation, analysis, visualization and computer aided object drawing.


SustainPro is a tool for systematic process analysis, generation and evaluation of sustainable design alternatives developed by CERENA. 


Aquomin, is a software tool developed by CERENA for Mass-Exchange Networks targeting and design.


geoMS, developed in 1998, was one of the first windows-based geostatistical modelling software with graphical interface. It includes tools for variogram modelling, kriging and stochastic sequential simulation and was fully developed by CMRP (now part of CERENA).


Andad is a windows-based multidimensional, multivariate data analysis software developed by CVRM (now CERENA) in earlies 00's.