Remigio Machado




Graduated in Chemical Engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) in 1995. Currently is post doc Researcher at IST. Received his phD in 2010, on “ Biosorption of heavy metals from liquid effluents using grape stalks”. He his responsible for the design, implementation and development of pilot plants facilities. The pilot plants are used by the separation process, hydrometallurgy and environment research group for implementation of chemical process with a technological research level superior to 6, in the areas of liquid liquid extraction, membrane separation and solid liquid separation (integrated dehydration). He has supervised several research and development projects including: OURO: "Recovery of Copper, Silver, Gold and Palladium from electronic scrap using Hydrometallurgical technologies" Industrial Partner: HM consultores, 1/7/2014- 1/7/2015. Furnas - Phosforus removal from Lagoa das Furnas, Azores . Industrial Partner EDA Electricidade dos Açores. 1/6/2013 to 1/6/2014. REPISO - "Recovery of tomato juice from solid residues from de tomato Industry "Repiso" using a filter press with membrane plates." Industrial Partner Sugalidal 1/8/2012 to 30/9/2013. BGALVANIZAÇÂO: - "Integrated process for the treatment and recovery of depleted pickling baths from the Galvanizing Industry" Industrial Partner Eurogalva, 1/4/2011 to 1/4/2014. S2E :"Energetic valorization of sludge produced by the pulp industry using a filter press with membrane plates and vacuum drying capabilities" . Industrial Partner: Portucel Soporcel - 1/2/2011-1/8/2011. He teaches at IST, with an academic rank equivalent to Assistant Professor, courses for the MSc of Chemical Engineering and Environmental Engineering including::Laboratory of Chemical Engineering III, Separation Processes, Laboratory of Engineering Science II. He has supervised dissertation thesis for MSc degree in Chemical Engineering (IST) in the areas of effluent treatments and raw materials recovery. He is the author and co-author of eleven scientific publications in international journals and co-author of 3 national patent and submission of two patent cooperation treaty (PCT) His research interests concerns the removal and recovery of raw materials from effluents using liquid liquid extraction, solid liquid separation including integrated dehydration, ionic exchange and biosorption. of the for liquid liquid extraction and for integrated dehydration under.. participated in several research projects for the treatment