CERENA at the European Researchers' Night- NEI 2019

CERENA will take part in the European Researcher's Night (NEI) 2019, which will take place next Friday, 27th September from 18h to 24h.

CERENA participates with the activity "HERITAGE BUILT IN STONE: KNOWING TO PRESERVE" coordinated by  Amélia Dionísio.

In the course of this activity participants will be able to observe some of the stone pathologies that can most commonly be found in these materials, based on micro/small samples collected in monuments  and historic buildings. Stone pathologies patterns can be defined as changes of their morphology, resulting from alteration processes triggered by environmental factors, by the use of incompatible materials, by inadequate maintenance actions, by inappropriate conservation measures or by acts of vandalism.  In addition, participants will be able to apply a non-destructive test - ultrasonic method, which can be used in-situ and which assists in assessing and quantifying the degradation, i.e. whether the phenomenon of degradation is merely superficial or if it develops strongly in depth. 

The theme of the 2019 Edition of NEI is Science in the City and addressed the major concerns of urban communities related to future global changes, highlighting the relevance of science to ensuring quality of life in cities of the future and preserving cultural heritage as a factor essential to sustainability.

We will be in Jardim do Príncipe Real and we count on your visit!

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