Call for 2 short research grants for Master's students, under the project 'Plastics in Circular Economy'

Applications are open for 2 Research Studentship(s), within the framework of project/R&D institution “Plastics in a Circular Economy”/IST-ID - 1801P.00813 PTDC/QUE-QUE/29614/2017, financed by national funds through FCT/MCTES (PIDDAC).

Scientific Area: Chemical Reaction Engineering

Admission Requirements: To be enrolled in an integrated master’s program or master´s program.

Workplan: This project aims to develop technologies that allow the material and/or energy recovery of plastic waste for the production of basic chemicals, including fuels, through pyrolysis and/or catalytic gasification processes. The project will cover three main stages, synergistically developed:

          a) Evaluation of the potential of plastic mixtures originating from waste collection and treatment systems, industrial and           municipal, including landfills.

          b) Development of efficient catalysts for catalytic degradation of plastic materials using small-scale techniques.

          c) the development of advanced reaction systems to carry out the transformation in an energyefficient manner. It is expected to develop an innovative process through dedicated units, or by resorting to coprocessing with other materials.

Deadline: 20 june 2022

For more details please read the full noice HERE

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