Maria João Pereira at Raw Materials Summit 2023

Maria João Pereira is attending the Raw Materials Summit 2023 at Brussels.This is the 5th edition of the this European leading raw materials conference.

The Summit will feature leading players in the international raw materials industry, including innovators, data analysts, educators, investors, policymakers, researchers, prominent figures from the European Commission, NGOs, discussing the demand for minerals and metals for strategic European industrial ecosystems, sustainable and reliable sourcing of raw materials proeminent for EU’s strategy and economic agenda.  


"The economies of the future will no longer rely on oil and coal, but on lithium for batteries; on silicon metal for chips; on rare earth permanent magnets for electric vehicles and wind turbines. And it is sure: the green and digital transitions will massively increase our need for these materials.
Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission
January 2023"


The Summit will be a platform for key discussions on the European Critical Raw Materials Act - aiming at ensuring secure and sustainable supply chains for EU's green and digital future- geopolitical shifts and impacts, major innovations, policy initiatives, challenges and opportunities facing the raw materials sector and, much more. 

The Raw Materials Summit is organised by EIT RawMaterials.


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