The contribution of metrology in total diet studies: Portuguese case(Conference Paper)

2nd IMEKOFOODS Conference: Promoting Objective and Measurable Food Quality and Safety

Conference Paper

TDS provide analytical data to estimate dietary exposure of chemical contaminants. In this work was studied Pb, As, Cr and Cd profile in foods from Portuguese TDS Pilot Study. Nine hundred and twenty four foods were pooled in two hundred and thirty one laboratory samples and analysed by ICP-MS under rigorous metrological control. The highest amount (µg/kg) obtained for each chemical substance was: As 9138 ± 237 (Octopus); Pb 282 ± 5.5 (snails); Cr 605 ± 28 (Cured meat); Cd 248 ± 5 (snails). These levels of potential harmful substances do not pose a risk to population.

M. Ventura

I. Coelho

S. Gueifão

I. Castanheira


Year of publication: 2016


ISBN: 978-151084495-7


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