Constructed wetland treatment system in textile industry and sustainable development(Article)

Water Science and Technology

Journal Article

This study focuses on the evaluation of the adequacy and sustainability of a constructed wetland (CW), with vertical flow (VF) design to treat a strongly coloured textile wastewater. Secondly an accidental AO7 overloaded discharge (700 mgl-1) was studied. A set of three similar VFCW beds (3 x 1 m2), operating in series, allowed also the efficient treatment of the AO7 heavy loaded wastewaters. The treated effluent quality enables water reuse for irrigation purposes or within the process. © IWA Publishing 2008.

L.C. Davies

I.S. Pedro

F.G. Freire

J.M. Novais


Year of publication: 2008


ISSN: 02731223


DOI: 10.2166/wst.2008.753

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