Modelling and validation of ground behaviour in a very old tunnel rehabilitation(Conference Paper)

Underground Works under Special Conditions - Proceedings of the Workshop (W1) on Underground Works under Special Conditions

Conference Paper

The human development history has always registered tunnel constructions for different uses, a trend that is increasing in the recent years, because they induce great advantages in the economic, social and environmental aspects. Parallel to the intensification of tunnel constructions is the growing need to develop various types of interventions such as maintenance, repairing and rehabilitation, for improving their sustainability along time. In Lisbon, due to prolonged time spans of service provided by the Rossio railway tunnel, which was built between 1887 and 1889, it was recently decided to carry out significant rehabilitation interventions.. The paper describes the modelling and validation of "in situ" instrumentation results regarding the behaviour of a low quality ground, located in a 17.50m long segment of that tunnel, during the rehabilitation works for new primary support application. © 2007 Taylor & Francis Group, London.

N. Navarro Torres

S. Longo


Year of publication: 2007


ISBN: 978-041545028-7


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