Design and fabrication of a low cost true triaxial cell for testing multiple size specimens   (Book Chapter)

True Triaxial Testing of Rocks


Only a true triaxial cell has the ability to recreate 3D in situ stress conditions. Therefore a true triaxial cell was designed and fabricated. The cell was calibrated to ensure the lateral strains on the specimen were known during testing, and a standard operating procedure was created. The first true triaxial tests in South Australia were conducted. This paper describes the design, fabrication, calibration and preliminary use of a low cost true triaxial cell capable of testing rock specimens of various sizes. © 2012 by Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.

A.K. Schwartzkopff

S. Priest

N. Melkoumian

J.A. Egudo


Year of publication: 2012


ISBN: 978-020313810-6;978-041568723-2


DOI: 10.1201/b12705

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