Main geophysical techniques used for non-destructive evaluation in cultural built heritage: A review(Review)

Journal of Geophysics and Engineering


Geophysical methodologies have been implemented, tested and validated as diagnostic and /or monitoring tools in artworks or historical monuments. They are non-destructive and can give an image of internal structure of investigated medium. This paper is a review about the main geophysical techniques applied to the study of cultural built heritage (excluding the archaeology field). A brief description of the used methodologies is presented, the main investigations done in this field are showed, the method or methods most appropriate to answer each problem (moisture detection, characterization of the materials, study of the structural continuity of the material, assessment of intervention's effectiveness) are indicated and the main advances and gaps and future developments are also pointed out. © 2014 Sinopec Geophysical Research Institute.


Year of publication: 2014


ISSN: 17422132


DOI: 10.1088/1742-2132/11/5/053001

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