The Use of Nanoparticles in Soil and Water Remediation Processes(Conference Paper)

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Conference Paper

Environmental nanoremediation of various contaminants has been reported in several recent studies. In this paper, the state of the art on the use of nanoparticles in soil and groundwater remediation processes is presented. There is a substantive body of evidence on the growing and successful application of nanoremediation for a diversity of soil and groundwater contamination contexts, particularly, for heavy metals, other inorganic contaminants, organic contaminants and emerging contaminants, as pharmaceutical and personal care products. This review confirms the competence of the use of nanoparticles in the remediation of contaminated media and the prevalent use of iron based nanoparticles. © 2015.


Year of publication: 2015


ISSN: 22147853


DOI: 10.1016/j.matpr.2015.04.055

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