FI2EPI – A freeware tool for performing Heat Integration based on Pinch Analysis(Book Chapter)

Computer Aided Chemical Engineering


FI2EPI is a freeware tool for performing Pinch Analysis-based Heat Integration. This tool supports Heat Integration studies on grassroot and retrofitting design up to thirty hot and cold streams. FI2EPI allows a comparative analysis between different energy integration scenarios. Those can be used on effective implementation of changes involving Heat Recovery with the aim of increasing Global Energy Efficiency and consequently reducing the bill in terms of primary energy consumption. In addition to an initial interface for process data input (operational and economic), FI2EPI's main features are: analysis of existing Heat Exchanger Network (HEN), determination of Minimum Utilities consumption (Heat Cascade, Composite Curves), optimization of the utilities usage (Global Composite Curve), determination of optimum ΔTmin, construction of the MER Network, evolution of the MER Network by opening the loop(s), technical and economic comparison of the evolutionary scenarios created. A user guide is available and can be used to help new users through FI2EPI's interface. Moreover, the tool includes three cases as illustrative examples of academic studies. In this paper FI2EPI is presented using a different four streams academic case study to obtain the best final integrated solution. © 2016 Elsevier B.V.


Year of publication: 2016


ISSN: 15707946

ISBN: 978-044463428-3


DOI: 10.1016/B978-0-444-63428-3.50307-6

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