Geostatistical seismic inversion applied to a carbonate reservoir(Conference Paper)

Petroleum Geostatistics 2007

Conference Paper

A complex Middle East carbonate reservoir was selected to test a new stochastic seismic inversion method. A small zone of the seismic cube with scarce sonic data was used. The main goal was to check if even in very hard conditions the new method could capture the main geological features of the reservoirs. The method is based on an iterative approach where the seismic acoustic impedances models are co-simulate using auxiliary data which is generate in the previously iteration. A global correlation of 88% was achieved between the real and the synthetic seismic data. The major geological features, such as the complex structures of the clinoformes, are reproduced in acoustic impedances final image.

L. Guerreiro

C. Maciel

A. Real

F. Silva

A. Al Shaikh

M.A. Al Shems


Year of publication: 2007


ISBN: 9073781485;978-907378148-1


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