Seismic inversion for under-sampled reservoirs(Conference Paper)

78th EAGE Conference and Exhibition 2016: Efficient Use of Technology - Unlocking Potential

Conference Paper

Seismic inversion at early exploration stages is still a research challenge, given the lack, or total absence of conditioning data for the inversion. In this project are performed two different approaches of seismic inversion: a deterministic, given by a model-based inversion and a stochastic executed following a global stochastic inversion methodology. Global Stochastic Inversion was executed considering three cases:1) using the second pseudo-log and as low frequency model the initial model used in the model-based inversion, 2)using a model of geological zones and conditioning the GSI to the local acoustic impedance distributions taken from the second pseudo-log, 3)using as input the output from the deterministic inversion and performing the simulations and co-simulations with direct sequential simulation with locally variable mean. The results show that the technique allows to explore different scenarios regarding the spatial distribution of acoustic impedances and assessing the corresponding uncertainty of them. Another important issue observed in the results is about the quality of seismic data: in zones where this doubtful the variability of final acoustic impedances images is high, being poorly matched at the end of the inversion process and do not reproducing the noise in the final result.

A.T. Fernandez

D. Cersosimo

M. Leggett


Year of publication: 2016


ISBN: 978-946282185-9


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