Stratigraphic geostatistical seismic inversion(Conference Paper)

79th EAGE Conference and Exhibition 2017

Conference Paper

The proposed work aims to integrate the steering volumes, resulting from seismic attribute analysis, into iterative geostatistical seismic inversion procedures during the perturbation of the petro-elastic model parameter space. The estimation of the seismic reflections orientation (azimuth and dip) consist on the precalculation of structural attributes that are able to retrieve a good estimate of the dip and azimuth of the seismic reflections from the original seismic data volume. This approach allows the simulation of structurally consistent properties using traditional Cartesian reservoir grids where the steering volumes are used as proxy of the real complex geology. The spatial continuity patterns of the orientation volumes were also estimated taking into account different directions as revealed by variogram models. The application of this new methodology led to the generation of more robust and stratigraphically consistent models regarding the Earth subsurface geology.


Year of publication: 2017


ISBN: 978-946282217-7


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